Transducers and Actuators

Transducers and actuators technology is recognized as an enabler for the concurrent paradigm shift in design and development of technologies for small, smart and energy efficient (electronic) systems. CSIR-CEERI has developed and delivered various sensors and actuators for strategic, social and industrial sectors.  The current activities of the T&A Group include development of RF MEMS switches, Bimorph actuators for DR tuneable filters, MEMS piezoelectric transducers, acoustic sensors, pressure sensors, MEMS based neutron detectors, magnetic field sensor and various other inertial sensors. The technological developments for some of the afore mentioned devices is currently at TRL 5. One of immediate goals (mandate) of the group is to bring the existing technologies to TRL 7 and above, in collaboration with and as per the user agency specifications.  In order to contribute to the overall vision and mission of the smart sensor development at CSIR-CEERI, the focus of the group is on development of micro/nano scale transducer devices, platforms and systems within the research areas such as: (i) electrostatic, magnetic and thermal transducers & actuators  (ii) piezoelectric transducers and energy harvesting and (iii) radiation and particle detection.

The road map for the group further consists of the next generation transducers and actuators with main focus on exploration of new materials and bio-inspired designs for alternate low cost solutions, efficiency enhancement, IoT enabled devices, and platforms for functionality enhancement of autonomous/smart sensor systems. Development of energy harvesting transducers for autonomous sensors, biomimetic actuation mechanisms for   RF MEMS and allied sensors and actuators, and nano-piezo and pyro-electric materials development are thus the future goals.