Based upon the rationale described in section-C, Research Activities of CSIR-CEERI (across all Centres) will be organised into following three knowledge domains/areas:

  1. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
  2. Smart Sensors
  3. Microwave Devices

Each area will be headed by Area Co-ordinator (AC). Each area will comprise of several knowledge verticals called Groups. Groups will be headed by respective Group Heads (GH).

To meet specific need of project deliverables manpower across verticals will be involved from different areas taking advantage of relevant vertical knowledge domains.

The knowledge verticals (groups) in the area of Cyber Physical Systems are

  1. Cognitive Computing
  2. IoT
  3. Signal Analytics
  4. Control and Automation
  5. Power Electronics
  6. Integrated Systems

The knowledge verticals (groups) in the area of Smart Sensors are

  1. Process Technologies
  2. Advanced Packaging
  3. Nano Bio Sensors
  4. Transducers and Actuators
  5. Optoelectronics and MOEMs
  6. Flexible and Non-Silicon Electronics

The knowledge verticals (groups) in the area of Microwave Devices are

  1. Beam Dynamics
  2. Beam wave Interaction
  3. Device Technologies
  4. Vacuum Microelectronic Devices

These knowledge verticals will focus on capability and know-how generation. These verticals will collaborate for integrated project deliveries. Application oriented research groups had redundancy and narrow focus. Reorganization is expected to clearly identify areas of know-how and technology development thrust. This is expected to facilitate innovative problem solving exploiting depth of knowledge and specialized capability.

To support research initiative a separate facilities management group has been created to manage and maintain all research facilities centrally. This group would ensure minimum downtime for facilities and optimal utilization of instruments based upon lab requirements. A web based system is in place to track equipment usage.