Grant-in-Aids Projects

  1. Design and Development of MEMS Accelerometer
  2. Design and Development of MEMS based Piezoelectric Acoustic Sensor for Low Frequency Applications
  3. Design and Development of Tunable Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators (FBAR) and Filters
  4. Fabrication of Linear Variable Optical Filter (LVOF) in the 450-900 nm Wavelength
  5. Growth of GaN based Blue-green Laser Structure using MOCVD
  6. Design and Development of Flexible Tactile Sensor Matrix for Fetal Health Monitoring
  7. Design, Development and Fabrication of MEMS Technology based Sensors and Temperature Sensors for Indian Navy and Pilot Implementation of Wireless Communication Scheme with the Sensors
  8. Development of III-Nitride White and UV LED Technology for Green Energy and Societal Impact
  9. Information Access from Document Images of Indian Languages
  10. Development of Intelligent Embedded E-sense System for online and offline Detection of Heavy Metals (Iron, Arsenic etc.) in Ground Water for Quality Assessment
  11. Resource Constrained AI
  12. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Monitoring and Control System based on Wireless Sensor – Actuator Network for Smart Indoor Environments
  13. Development of a Reliable, Low-cost, Portable, IoT-enabled, Optical Device for Measuring PM2.5 concentration in Air
  14. Design and Development of Renewable Energy based DC Microgrid System for Rural Electrification
  15. Energy Harvesting Smart Windows using High Contrast Grating Based Planar Concentrators for Building Integrated Photovoltaics \
  16. Spectroscopic Platform for Detection of Adulteration in Milk
  17. Leather Quality Estimation using an Automated Machine Vision System
  18. Special Man Power Development Programme for CHIPS to System Design (SMDP-C2SD)
  19. Development of Technologies for Environmental Audio and Aroma Digitization and Recreation for Indian Heritage Sites
  20. Bio-mimetic and phyto-technologies designed for low-cost purification and recycling of water
  21. Development and Deployment of Technologies for Effective Management of Rain-Water Harvesting (RWHT): Ensuring Safe Drinking Water and Optimal Water use for Agriculture
  22. Remote Vital Information and Surveillance System for Elderly and Disabled Persons
  23. Creation of DSIR-Common Research and Technology Development Hub (CRTDH) at Jaipur in the area of Electronics/Renewable Energy under DSIR-CRTDH Programme
  24. Rural Technology Business Incubation Centre
  25. Indigenous Design, Development & Qualification of Ku Band (140-210 Watts) and Ka Band (100-150 watts) TWTs
  26. Design and Development of Dielectric Barrier Discharge based Micro-hollow Cathode Plasma Device Arrays and Their Characterization
  27. High Current Density (>500 A/cm2) Sheet-beam Plasma Cathode Electron Gun for Sub-mm Microwave Source

International Bilateral Programme

  1. Investigation of Ion-focusing Mechanism Based Sheet Beam Driven Sub-THz Source for High Power NDE Application
  2. Research in Human Centered Robotics with Special Emphasis on Field and Bio-medical Rehabilitation (Indo-Korea Joint Network Centre on Robotics) IIT, Delhi Coordinating Agency
  3. Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Assisted Tandem Artificial Photosynthetic (AP) Device for Effective Solar-to-Chemical Conversion
  4. Twinning Programme with MIDI, Ethiopia

Collaborative Projects

  1. Fabrication of Silicon Carbide Power Diodes
  2. Design and Development of thick Film Sensor Electrodes for EMAT
  3. Design of 170 GHz, 100 kW Short Pulse Gyrotron
  4. Autonomous Drones for Warehouse Management Project
  5. VANET security research. Cognizant SOW
  6. Development of Foetus Monitoring Patch System
  7. “TPMS” for Fleet Management Industry
  8. Detection of Threat Objects in Baggage and Food Quality Inspection using Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Techniques for Single View x-ray Scanners & Development of Near 3D Image Visualization Software for Dual View X-ray Scanner

Consultancy Projects

  1. Evaluation of Behavioural Video Analytics System


    1. Drone based Electromagnetic and Magnetic System (DREAM)
    1. Development Ultrasensitive, Rapid and Portable System for Covid-19 using Label-free Raman Fingerprinting and AI (MLP0047)
    1. Medical Instruments and Devices
      1. – Development of Advanced Closed loop control System to Improve the Battery Performance in Electric Assisted Tricycle for Outdoor Mobility for Differently Abled Persons
      2. Development of IoT enabled smart 2D/3D devices for Pre-stage Cervical Cancer Examination for Primary Health Centers (PMCs)
    1.  Development of High Power Thyratrons for Fast Switching Applications
    2. Development of rapid honey adulteration detection system
    1. Development of 2.6 MW S-band Pulse Tunable Magnetron

CSIR Skill Initiative Programme

  1. CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative Programme