Grant-in-Aid Projects (Microwave Devices)

  1. Design and Development of 42 GHz 200 KW/CW/ Long pulse Gyrotron
  2. Development of Multi-ceramic Rectangular RF Window
  3. Technology Development of High Current Density Nano-scandate Cathodes
  4. Indigenous Design, Development & Qualification of Ku Band (140-210 Watts) and Ka Band (100-150 watts) TWTs
  5. High Current Density (>500 A/cm2) Sheet-beam Plasma Cathode Electron Gun for Sub-mm Microwave Source
  6. Development of Thermionic Emitter for High Thrust Electric Propulsion System

Collaborative Projects (Microwave Devices)

  1. Design and Development of Electron Beam Compression Region for 100 kW MM-Wave Gyrotron

Grant-in-Aid Projects (Cyber Physical Systems Area)

  1. Special Manpower Development Programme for CHIPS to System Design. (SMDP-C2SD)
  2. Non-Imaging Optics Based Low Concentrating Photovoltaic Thermal (OCPVT) Hybrid System
  3. Development of Real Time Wireless Embedded Multi-Sensor System for Monitoring of RO plants with Water Quality
  4. A Community based Participatory Aquifer Management System for Equity and Sustainability in Water Resource Management
  5. Development of Intelligent Embedded E-sense System for online and offline Detection of Heavy Metals (Iron, Arsenic etc.) in Ground Water for Quality Assessment
  6. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Monitoring and Control System based on Wireless Sensor – Actuator Network for Smart Indoor Environments
  7. Design and Development of a Power Assistive Hybrid e-Trike (PAH e-Trike) for Differently Abled Person in Rural and Urban Regions of India
  8. Development of Computer Vision Algorithms for UAV
  9. Information Access from Document Images of Indian Languages

Consultancy Projects (Cyber Physical Systems)

  1. Evaluation of Behavioural Video Analytics System

Collaborative Projects (Cyber Physical Systems)

  1. Development of 10 kW 3-phase Converter with Unity Power Factor for Industrial Applications
  2. Chronic Disease Detection (Primarily Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection)
  3. Facial Anti Spoofing Solution

Sponsored Projects (Cyber Physical Systems)

  1. Development of Automatic Control System for Gemstone Cutting and Polishing Machine
  2. Detection of Threat Objects in Baggage and Food Quality Inspection using Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Techniques for Single View x-ray Scanners & Development of Near 3D Image Visualization Software for Dual View X-ray Scanner
  3. Twinning Programme with MIDI, Ethiopia

Grant-in-Aid Projects (Smart Sensors)

  1. Design and Fabrication of Large Deflection MEMS Biomorph Element for Tunable Filters.
  2. Fabrication of Circuit using LTCC Technology and Investigation of Methodology for packaging of Power Devices
  3. Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) for InGaN/GaN Laser Structure on GaN and Sapphire Substrate
  4. High Resolution Air Quality Monitoring and Air Pollutant Data Analytics
  5. Development of MEMS Magnetic Sensor and RF/Microwave Tunable Devices
  6. Fabrication of Disk Resonator Gyroscopes
  7. Design and Development of MEMS Accelerometer
  8. Design and Development of Tunable Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators (FBAR) and Filters
  9. Environment Friendly Thermoelectric Generator
  10. Development of III-Nitride White and UV LED Technology for Green Energy and Societal Impact
  11. Design and Development of MEMS based Piezoelectric Acoustic Sensor for Low Frequency Applications

Collaborative Projects (Smart Sensors)

  1. Development of MEMS Technology Based Pressure Sensors
  2. Development Salivary Glucose Sensing System
  3. Development of Foetus Monitoring Patch System

Mission Mode Programmes

  1. Nano-biosensor and Microfluidics for Healthcare (HCP0012)
  2. Intelligent Systems (IS) – Intelligent Technologies and Solutions(HCP0013)
  3. Development of Affordable Technologies for Quality Milk Assessment (HCP0014)
  4. Food and Consumer Safety Solution (FOCUS) (HCP0016)
  5. Safety and Security of Vital Installations (HCP0017)
  6. Technologies for Robust Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure and Conservation & Restoration of Heritage Structures (HCP0018)
  7. Drone based Electromagnetic and Magnetic System (DREAM) (HCP0020)

Fast Track Translational (FTT) Projects/FTC/NCP Projects

  1. Development of 3D rigid and Flexible Endoscopes for Denture Examination (MLP0101)
  2. Development of a Silent Killer Gas Detector using LTCC Technology (MLP0102)
  3. Prevention of Adulteration in Milk-a real-time Remote Milk Supply Chain Monitoring Network (PRADUMN) (ML0103)
  4. Gas Sensor for Environmental Monitoring (MLP0104)
  5. High Frequency RF MEMS Capacitive Switches (MLP0105)
  6. Handheld Milk Quality Analyser (MLP0106)
  7. Development of MEMS-based Accelerometer (MLP0107)
  8. Design and Development of Dispenser Cathodes for Microwave Tubes (MLP0111)
  9. Development of an Induration Furnace Monitoring System with IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technique in a Pelletization Plant (MLP0027)
  10. Development of an Image Processing based System for Monitoring Feed Rate of Materials Moving on  a Conveyer (MLP0028)
  11. Solar PV Based Smart Multi-vehicle EV Charging Station (MLP0113)

FTC/NCP Projects

  1. Development of Software for Real Time Monitoring of Milk Supply Chain (MLP0112)-FTC
  2. Development of Novel Compact High Power THz Device Technologies (MLP0114)-NCP

In-house Projects

  1. CSIR-CEERI-IIT Indore Joint R&D Programme
  2. CSIR-CEERI-SCL, Mohali Joint R & D programme  {Development of GaN HEMTs technology (E and D) mode on Si}

International Bilateral S&T Programme

  1. Dynamic Reconfigurable High Speed Vision Architecture (Indo-Japanese Joint Research Proposal)
  2. Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) assisted Tandem Artificial Photosynthetic (AP) Device for Effective Solar-to-Chemical Conversion (DST-UKIERI Programme)
  3. Design, Materials Development and Fabrication of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT)(CSIR, India – CNR, Italy)
  4. AlGaN/GaN HEMTs based polar liquid sensor (CSIR-BMBF Programme)
  5. Research in Human-centered Robotics with Special Emphasis on Field and Bio-Medical Rehabilitation (Indo-Korea Joint Network Centre on Robotics)

CSIR Skill Initiative Programme (SDP0001)

  1. CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative Programme (SDP0001)