Intellectual Property (IP) is a type of property which includes untouchable creations of human intellect. There are various types of intellectual property as per the recognition accorded by the respective countries and globally. However, the most well-known types include: copyrights, patents, trademarks, and Industrial design rights.

IP Unit -Team

Dr. Niraj Kumar Principal Scientist, Head IP Unit

EPBX: 2293

Dr. Dhiraj Principal Scientist

EPBX: 2391

Dr. S. Santosh Kumar Principal Scientist

EPBX: 2312

Objectives of IP Unit

  1. To support, plan and assist the head IPR unit to maximize the IP of the institute.
  2. To coordinate with all group leaders to secure the IP generated from the R&D groups.
  3. The team shall support all PIs and scientist to prepare and submit IP of the on-going R&D Projects and works.