Welcome to Incubation-Cum-Innovation Hub

CSIR-CEERI’s Incubation-cum-Innovation Hub, Jaipur Centre is a unique facility which supports Make-in-India, Start-up India and Skill India programmes of Govt. of India. The thrust area of support system lies in ‘electronics and allied engineering’ and is devoted to conduct high quality and relevant product oriented research to meet specific industry requirements and disseminate first hand research information to MSEs / Startups for product innovation. State-of-the-art facilities and support for engineering design, product evaluation and ideation for innovative electronics products in collaboration with MSEs is the key intent of this Hub. Strategic predictions indicate that industry 4.0 and industry 5.0 (new industrial revolution) will happen through smart devices and their intelligent integration. Hence, affordable electronic intelligent appliances touching every aspects of human life, such as, health, water, food, infrastructure, industry, which are the products of future, are being worked out. This hub is open for all science & technology based entrepreneurs and a supportive and protective environment is provided to individual investors and entrepreneurs for the development of technological innovations into business ventures. This hub also has a centre of eminence for skill development especially for skilling and re-skilling of industry professionals and finishing schools for students.