SMT (surface mount technology) Pick and Place Machines (also known as: component placement systems, P&Ps, robotic machines) is used for high precision placing of a broad range of electronic components, like capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits/SMDs (surface mount devices) on PCBs (printed circuit boards).
CSIR-CEERI is having a PCB assembly line, the SMT pick and place machine use vacuum pickup tools to hold the components and also uses vision-assistance for alignment and positioning. These SMT assembly lines (pick-and-place machines) offers higher speeds, better accuracy, and flexibility than traditional systems.
CSIR-CEERI assembly line assures an efficient placement of components (size: 0402-40×65 mm) like resistors, transistors, inductors, integrated circuits (BGA, VQFN, etc.,), capacitors on one or more PCBs at lightning speed. The equipment is meticulously designed for low and medium volume assembly and is suitable for different entities such as start-ups, established businesses, universities.