January 2020 Session

AcSIR’s PhD Admissions at CSIR-CEERI

The AcSIR’s PhD admission process was declared open on September 20, 2019 for the session starting in January, 2020. The last date of submission of online application is October 24, 2019. Please see <http://acsir.res.in/> and its related admissions portal for the online application process, and more information.

The following AcSIR-PhD programmes with tentatively indicated seats are available at CSIR-CEERI :

Programme Seats Eligibility
PhD (Engg) 30 seats ME/MTech & (eligibility for fellowship or good
academic/ research record) or Scientists/Group III* employees at CSIR-
CEERI or AICTE-INAE-Teachers Research Fellowship Scheme (10 Candidates from each Area: Cyber Physical
Systems, Smart Sensors and Microwave Devices)

* Subject to the approval of Director, CSIR-CEERI

Also, note that CSIR-CEERI Scientists who fulfill the academic qualifications and eligibility criteria as per AcSIR guidelines should apply through proper channel.

The broad area of research are aligned to current theme areas and R&D focus at CSIR-CEERI in the field of Electronics Engineering and Physical Sciences focusing on (i) Cyber Physical Systems, (ii) Smart Sensors and (iii) Microwave Devices with indicative specializations of IoT Technologies, Signal Analytics, Cognitive Computing, Integrated Systems, Control and Automation, Nano Bio-Sensors, Microelectronic Transducers and Actuators, Photonics, Optoelectronics, MEMS and MOEMS, Flexible and Non-Silicon Electronics, Microwave Beam Dynamics, Beam-wave Interaction, Microwave Device Technology, Vacuum Microelectronic Devices, Plasma-based Devices, THz Devices and Systems, etc.

Candidates wishing to work in the multi-/transdisciplinary areas aligned to current theme areas and R&D focus of CSIR-CEERI are also encouraged to apply.

Notification of AcSIR’s PhD admission for Jan-2020 session at CSIR-CEERI

Note: Please note that candidates for PhD interview need to make their own arrangements for their stay. Sufficient transit accommodation of this type (Yatri Niwas, Hotels, Lodges) with reasonable rates exists in the Pilani town and near the bus stand. Please plan your travel and stay accordingly. In case, guest house accommodation is available at CSIR-CEERI then it will be provided on first-come-first-serve basis (i.e. no prior reservation will be possible) as per applicable charges and preference will be given to female candidates for this purpose.

Note: Click here for how to reach Pilani.