January 2023 Session

Selection Result of AcSIR-PhD (Engg) Program – January 2023 Session

Shortlisting Result of AcSIR-PhD (Engg) Program – January 2023 Session

The AcSIR’s admission portal has been opened for January-2023 session. The last date of submission of online application is September 30, 2022. Please see <http://acsir.res.in/admission/>  for the online application process, and more information.

The following AcSIR-PhD programme with tentatively indicated seats for January 2023 Session are available at CSIR-CEERI :

Programme Seats Eligibility
PhD (Engg) 17 seats ME/MTech & (eligibility for fellowship or good academic/ research record) or Scientists/ Group-III* employees at CSIR-CEERI

* Subject to the approval of Director, CSIR-CEERI

Note: Mere applying to the programme and satisfying the eligibility criteria does not guarantee shortlisting/selection into the programme.

Also, note that CSIR-CEERI employees, who fulfil the academic qualifications and eligibility criteria as per AcSIR guidelines should apply through proper channel.

The broad area of research is aligned to current theme areas and R&D focus at CSIR-CEERI in the field of Electronics Engineering focusing on (i) Advanced Information Technologies (ii) Semiconductor Sensors and Microsystems, (iii) Integrated Circuits and Systems, (iv) Microwave Devices, (v) High-Frequency Devices and System and (vi) Semiconductor Process Technologies etc.

Candidates wishing to work in the multi-/transdisciplinary areas aligned to current theme areas and R&D focus of CSIR-CEERI are also encouraged to apply.

Note: Click here for how to reach Pilani.

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Admission Notice [in Hindi]

Admission Notice [in English]

Dated: September 14, 2022