To become a globally renowned coveted destination for scientific knowledge, research excellence and innovative technology in electronics as well as allied sciences & engineering, with high social and strategic impact.


  • Support and nurture creative excellence of individual scientists.
  • Synergize individual brilliance with purposive collective team-effort for meeting mission-mode objectives.
  • Innovate to enable India to have a leadership role in strategic sectors.
  • Collaborating with industry for innovative product development.
  • Becoming source of globally competitive technology in the areas of electronics and allied sciences and engineering.


  • Excellence in scientific research in the areas of electronics and allied science and engineering
  • Mission-mode initiative for innovative electronics and allied technologies to foster inclusive development
  • Technology delivery for strategic requirements and industrial needs
  • Motivating disruptive innovations for entrepreneurship in the area of electronics and allied engineering
  • Networking with other CSIR labs, industries, research and academic institutions for multi-disciplinary innovation
  • Academic and scientific pursuit for nurturing talent and manpower development