“CSR if it is implemented with sustainability as a focus, then it enhances business sustainability, provides new opportunities, develops customer loyalty and improves stakeholder relationship,” In words of Dr. Abdul Kalam.

Recent announcement from Finance Ministry has expanded the scope of CSR expenses to include R&D projects. CSIR-CEERI welcomes all sort of CSR funding for societal applications related to providing Clean & Potable Water, Clean Energy, Ensuring Safe Milk and other AI based societal interventions. We also welcome companies to sponsor our off-the-shelf technologies in RO Water Systems and Solar Tree for installations in needy areas. The funding shall be previewed from GFR and CSIR Guidelines.

Interested companies are requested to contact Pramod Tanwar (pramod@ceeri.res.in) for investing their CSR funds for Societal Innovations through CSIR-CEERI.

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