Advanced Packaging


  • Advanced Packaging Group is involved in conceptualizing design strategy and developing advanced techniques for packaging of smart-sensors. Packaging for a reliable smart-sensor module includes integration of devices and sensors with unique packaging for each type of sensor. The capabilities being developed are: low-temperature-cofired ceramic (LTCC) based integrated packaging approach, customized packaging and advanced materials.
  • The Group is also actively involved in the design and fabrication of thick-film alumina and LTCC based microcircuits and application-specific hotplates.

Research Areas

  • Integrated packaging approach with 3-D integration of structured LTCC for high density packaging in conjunction with environmental and mechanical protection of the devices. Customized packaging of microsensors using reverse dam-and-fill and advanced ceramic techniques. Packaging of devices incorporating staggered via-based systems for efficient heat removal and thermal management with better power dissipation capability.
  • LTCC micro-hotplates and thick-film heaters for realizing specific heating applications, advanced interconnections and isothermal solidification, thick-film electrodes and other components.
  • Exploration of smart materials and structures on LTCC and ceramic platform; organic, inorganic and composite substrates; advanced functional materials; characterization and reliability analysis; capability creation for hermetic/ vacuum sealing of devices.


Packaging requirements for sensors is very important and crucial to realize its optimal performance. Often these packages are custom-made. The group provides such solutions for smart sensors. The group is also involved in developing hotplates for specific heating applications.