Nano Bio Sensors

The group targets to design nanotech devices that can be used for fast diagnostic at home or doctor’s office, control of food quality, safety and security applications where an alternative method towards the sophisticated and expensive laboratory instrumentation is being required. NanoBioSensor research focuses on developing innovative technologies that have the ability to make significant contributions in the areas of disease diagnostics, nano and biomaterials characterization, and environmental monitoring. These technologies take the form of nanometrically engineered sensing platforms such as platforms based on nanowire, nanogap, CNTs, nano-ribbon, nano-well, etc. Different type of platforms are being explored based on the nanostructures mentioned above, such as conductivity based platforms, FET based platforms, SERS substrate etc.

The group is also focusing on the micro-nano fluidic based activities as well as gas sensor devices. Understanding the surface chemistry at liquid/gas-solid interfaces is a key component to the success of the group’s core nanobiosensor research and will lead to discoveries in such diverse areas as nanoelectronic devices, chip-scale diagnostic platforms (lab-on-chip), chemical interaction databases, and novel detection/sensing strategies. Knowledge gained in this area allows us to fine tune the chemistries at the heart of diagnostic and screening platforms, subsequently leading to the development of cutting edge diagnostic/detection systems for society.