Dr. Ajay Agarwal Sr. Principal Scientist, Area Coordinator, Group Head

Email: ajay@ceeri.res.in
EPBX: 2215

Research focus of the Smart Sensors group will be the technology challenges for designing and developing robust and accurate sensors and actuators for a variety of applications. This activity will be coordinated through endeavors in the following knowledge verticals:

  • Process Technologies Group: The smart sensors development needs a number of unit processes and their integration. Often these processes need modifications/ developments on case-to-case basis. This team will focus on all such requirements and will be crucial for the final device realization.
  • Nano Bio-Sensors Group: This group will focus on the design and development of technologies and devices for health care, diagnostics and environmental monitoring applications.
  • Transducers and Actuators Group: CSIR-CEERI has established track record of developing and delivering various physical sensors/ actuators for strategic applications. The group will continue to cater such requirements for strategic and industrial needs.
  • Optoelectronics & MOEMS Group: The team has a strong background on opto-electronic materials and devices. This group plans to focus on up-coming MOEMS devices along with new application of opto-electronics platforms.
  • Flexible & Non-Silicon Electronics Group: This is an emerging area very much relevant for new wearable and low-cost devices and systems. The group will focus on technology development on flexible substrates and non-silicon materials development for next generation smart sensors and systems.
  • Advanced Packaging Group: Packaging requirements for sensors and actuators is very important and crucial to realize the optimum performance of the sensors/ systems. Often these packages are customized and application dependent. The group has a track of providing such solutions and will continue to cater all such requirements of the smart sensors.

These research groups will be supported by following infrastructure support group working for facilities management

Process Operations: It is very important to keep all the process and characterization equipment in operation for the success of various sensors realization. For the timely completion of the processes, the equipment maintenance is very critical. The group will focus on the streamline operation of the entire fabrication and characterization facility.