Advanced VLSI Circuits and Systems Design

  • Internet of things (IoT), AI/ML, and Cryptography
  • Mixed Signal Design
  • Reconfigurable computing systems (RCS)
  • FPGA based systems
  • HW-SW co-design
  • Embedded systems

Sensor Interfacing and Data Acquisition Systems

  • Signal conditioning circuits (SCC)
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Energy harvesting and power management circuits

Power Electronics and Smart Grid

  • Microgrids and renewable energy systems
  • Pulse power systems for strategic and industrial applications
  • AI-based power converters, and power conditioners

Ongoing Projects

  • Bio-Mimetic and Phyto technologies designed for low cost purification and recycling of water
    Sponsored by DBT under India-EU Horizon
    Budget: Rs 64.00 Lakh
    Duration: Jun 2019 – Dec 2023
  • Advanced closed control system to improve battery performance in electric tricycle for outdoor mobility of differently abled persons
    Sponsored by CSIR, India
    Budget: Rs 57.190 Lakh
    Duration: Jun 2020 – June 2022
  • Hardware architecture and design of a NAND flash memory data controller
    Sponsored by CSIR-CEERI, India
    Budget: Rs. 19 Lakh
    Duration: June 2021 – June 2022
  • Design and implementation of light-to-digital converter for PPG sensor applications
    Sponsored by CSIR-CEERI, India
    Budget: Rs. 17 Lakh
    Duration: June 2021 – June 2022
  • Development of a reliable, low-cost, portable, IoT-enabled, optical device for measuring PM 2.5 concentration in air
    Sponsored by DST, India
    Duration: Feb 2020 – Feb 2022
  • Special Manpower Development Programme for Chips-to-System Design (SMDP-C2SD) Cluster Project: Design, Development and Implementation of a System-on-Chip Platform and its Application to Secure Speech Communication
    Sponsored by MeitY, India
    Budget: Rs. 83 Lakh
    Duration: April 2015 – Till Nov. 2021
  • Design and development of renewable energy-based DC microgrid system for rural electrification.
    Sponsored by DST-SERB, India
    Budget: Rs. 43 Lakh
    Duration: Sep 2018 – Sep 2021