The objective of the Societal Electronics group is to work in the cutting-edge areas of advanced electronics and make the nation self-reliant in the fields of electronics goods for societal needs.


Contribute to the country’s aspirations of modern digital India by sustained scientific R&D in the areas of advanced electronics, ICT, and allied sciences & engineering for societal, industrial, scientific, medical and strategic applications. The primary focus of the team is to support industry, higher learning and advanced training organizations through excellence in scientific knowledge generation, dissemination and its utilization that can make high social, industrial and strategic impacts.

Group Leader

Dr. Kota Solomon Raju
Dr. Kota Solomon RajuSr. Principal Scientist


Dr. Kota Soloman Raju is working as Sr. Principal Scientist in Societal Electronics Group(SAG), CSIR -Central Electronics Research Institute (CSIR – CEERI), Pilani, Rajasthan, India, and Professor, Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), Hq: Ghaziabad . He Joined in CSIR-CEERI on 29 January 1998 as Scientist-B. He has been working in the field of an Advanced Embedded Electronic Systems Engineering for Information and Communication Technological applications and allied sciences & engineering. So far, as a PI, he proposed, defended and implemented 10 R&D projects out of which, some of them are multi-institutional projects, sponsored by various agencies including, Department of electronics and information technology (DeitY), MeitY, DST, and CSIR, S&T ministry, Government of India. Apart from the R&D assignments, He has been involved academic activities in various institutes like AcSIR, BITS, Hiroshima University (Japan) etc. From April 2017, he is a coordinator /head of Skill Development Programmes as part of “Skill India” mission of the Government of India through CSIR’s Integrated Skill Initiative program.

As a trusted R&D scientist, he can take-up challenging tasks to lead a premier R&D institute. This challenging task possess, a requirement of longstanding amicable, interactable leadership in the relevant technology with in-depth expertise to lay the foundation to achieve the objectives of institute vision and goals. He would like to take up this challenge in the field of
Electronics, Information, Communication & allied Sciences and Technologies to shape and nurture the country’s premier institute’s functional procedures to meet the future technological requirements of the country, while maintaining sustainability, ruggedness and good green environment by empowering individuals, societies in the country.

Areas of Interest:

  • Frameworks & System design for real-time diagnosis and prognosis of structural health monitoring (SHM); Data Driven models development; Using Hybrid model of AI /ML/DL and conventional methods;
  • Computing systems engineering for various applications (Cyber Physical Systems and Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Neural Network /Machine Learning /Deep Learning / Data Science algorithms, Communication (5G/beyond 5G etc.), WSN, Industry 4.0, Automation, Robotics, Signal, Image, video and audio processing)
  • Real-time Embedded and High Performance Reconfigurable Computing Systems (RCS /RASIP /Reconfigurable Embedded Computing Systems (RECS) /SOC/Embedded /ASIP Systems): System Design, System Architecture Optimization, Mapping & Scheduling and customization: Techniques– HW-SW Co-design; run-time partial reconfiguration; with realtime operating system support (using latest and advanced SOCs like MSP 430/432, ARM, RFSoCs like CC2652R, CC1352R, Multiprocessors and FPGAs like Zynq, Zynq Ultrascale+RFSoC),
    Real-time operating Systems (VxWorks, QNX) and Operating Systems for ESD (Tigen, Peta Linux, RIOT, Contiki, TinyOS, Free RTOS, etc.)
  • 5G and beyond wireless communication systems and concepts usage: WSN based systems design, Energy efficient routing and MAC algorithms for IEEE 802.15.4, Communication Protocols stack, including physical layer, Digital/Wireless /Mobile Communications

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