Q. Who are authorised to use the KRC?
Ans. All regular scientists/officers, staff, project scientists/project assistants, student trainees of the institutes are authorised to use KRC. Retired employees can use KRC without borrowing facility.

Q. Can a journal bound issue be borrowed by a user?
Ans. Yes.

Q. Can a journal loose issue be borrowed by a user?
Ans. Yes, loose journal can be borrowed except restricted and the most recent issues. Student trainees are not allowed to borrow

Q. How to recommend to purchase a book/journal/other document for KRC?
Ans. All Scientists/officers and staff can submit their requests with all bibliographical details through their Divisional/Sectional Heads for perusal of KRC Advisory Committee (KAC).

Q. How do I access KRC services through net?
Ans. KRC resources data can be accessed through Open Public Access Catalogue(OPAC). You can search by author, title, subject, any field, new arrivals, patron and browse the items.

Q. How do I access full-text electronic journals ( E-Journals ) and databases?
Ans. Full-text electronic journals that are available under e-journal resources can be accessed through respective publishers’ web-links, provided at Institute web-page.

Q. What are the web-addresses to access?
Ans. https://www.ceeri.res.in and KRC Link.

Q. Can personal books or other reading materials be taken to KRC?
Ans. Personal books or other reading materials are not permitted to take inside the KRC.