CSIR-CEERI is offering the computation and performance storage for Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning applications. The AI@CSIR-CEERI Center has been established with the motto of offering Computational and AI services delivery to different CSIR Labs, Institutes and Start-ups. This AI@CEERI Center will be a platform for innovative new solutions in AI space, Machine learning, Deep learning, a gateway to test and develop solutions for projects undertaken by CSIR-CEERI.

Center in AI@CEERI is to facilitate State of the Art technology support with a cluster of 5 petaflops NVIDIA DGX-I Supercomputing facilities for prototyping in the fields of Image & Video Analytics, Natural Language Processing and Security. This newly established centre will focus on the areas of Machine Learning, NLP & AI in Text, Image Recognition, Deep Learning. In addition to this AI facility is to cater the needs of various highly computational needs of the projects, which caters to the needs of the participants of the intelligent system mission. The AI engine facility will be setup at CSIR-CEERI and it can be accessible remotely over secured VPN. The entire facility is managed and maintained by NMC staff.

The key features and configuration of AI Center

  • 5 PetaFlops (Deep Learning Workload) for AI/Deep Learning Applications.
  • NVIDIA DGX Systems with Volta-100 GPU over NVLink offers 3X the speed of prior generations.
  • 100 TB (NetApp) of performance storage directly connected with NVIDIA DGX cluster.
  • Deep learning training, inference and accelerated analytics in one system.
  • The AI computation facility is powered with kubernetes, container orchestration platform.