Power Electronics

Power Electronics group has been awarded various prestigious awards in last few decades for its numerous contributions in research and development.

  • Award for Controls for Diesel Electric Locos, 1971
  • CSIR-CEERI, Pilani Silver Jubilee Merit award for 150 kVA Thyristor Converter, 1978
  • FICCI award for Development of Control system for Diesel Locomotives, 1979
  • Best team award by CSIR-CEERI, Pilani for 40 kVA PWM Inverter for Mining Locomotives, 1986
  • Best team award by CSIR-CEERI, Pilani for Microprocessor based PWM AC Drive for Transportation, 1988
  • Industry Appreciation Award by NSTL, Vishakhapatnam, 2007
  • SKOCH Award for 5kW Solar Pump Inverter, 2015
  • Various technologies transferred to BHEL, Bangalore; M/s RECON, Ranchi; Indian Railways; RDSO; Hindustan Zinc Ltd; HEL, Bhopal; REIL, Jaipur, and many others

Past projects, technologies developed with images:

  • 40 kVA Inverter: Transferred to BHEL, Bangalore in 1986-87
  • High speed Thyristor: Transferred to BHEL, Bangalore in 1986-87
  • High Frequency DC to DC link converter: Transferred to M/s RECON, Ranchi, Bangalore in 1991-92
  • Controller using BLDC motor: Useful for actuator application in strategic areas.
  • PWM amplifier and control electronics for electromechanical actuators: Electromechanical position control actuator
  • Energy efficient DC motor drive for mining locomotives: Mining and other DC operated locomotives
  • 70 kVA transistor chopper controller for mining loco: Developed and tested at HZL, Zawar mines, Udaipur.
  • 150 kVA single phase to three phase converter for electric locomotive: Sponsored by RDSO, Developed and field tested on WAM4 locomotive.
  • 40 kVA ac motor drive for mining locomotive: Sponsored by HEL, Bhopal, High performance PWM drive for 3 phase induction motor for LB-8 locomotive.
  • Excitation control system for diesel electric locomotive: Technology developed, field tested and transferred for production. More than 2000 Diesel Electric Locomotives of Indian Railways fitted with excitation control system. Completely indigenous product for import substitution.
  • Low power uninterruptible power supplies: 100VA solar power converter, 150VA chargeable power pack, 100VA & 500VA UPS. Sponsored by Ministry of HRD.
  • Technology for energy efficient electric drive: Noiseless battery operated drive using 15kW IGBT inverter. Range: 60Km, Max. Speed: 60Km/hr,
  • 250 kW induction motor drive and performance evaluation system: Battery operated 200 hp induction motor drive.
  • 50 kVA Unity power factor converter: Sponsored by Dept. of Electronics to reduce heavy line-loss. Developed and Tested under desired specifications.
  • Development of -5kV/1Apeak pulse power supply for plasma UV lamps: Fielding testing and technology transfer in process.
  • 5 hp Solar Pump Inverter: Developed and field tested for 5 hp 3-phase induction motor. Technology transfer in process with various renewable energy industries.
  • 1 kW Solar Grid connected/Stand-alone Inverter: Developed and field tested for continuous operation for 1 kW.
  • Development of -50kV, 10Apk Pulse Power Supply for 5 GHz Klystron.