Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems Group has been involved in the design and development of VLSI integrated circuits, spanning in scope from microprocessor design, to, text-to-speech synthesis and image/video processing applications. The group has experience with both FPGA and ASIC platforms.

The IP core based SOC design and implementation, based on open source IP cores has become a core interest of the group recently. Design and implementation is done using various EDA tools and the technology foundry libraries with academic licenses whereas the fabrication, assembly and packaging is executed through a MPW facility under academic prototyping scheme. The tie-up with complete range of IC Design infrastructure companies, namely, EDA tool vendors and foundries, has built a strong eco-system of chip based system development in the nation and provided the means of proliferating the same across academic institutes.

There is a continuous requirement of specialized hardware functions for multimedia, graphics, video analysis, image processing, security for various cyber physical systems. Dedicated ASIC/ASIP designs, modules for DSP and SOC architectures are often required for many of these applications. FPGAs, facilitating a quick, low-cost and small scale customized implementation mechanism, have been a focus area of the group. There are new challenges for hardware-software co-design of intelligent embedded systems optimized for constrained situations; they are also expected to be addressed by the group in the coming days.