Control and Automation

The objective of the group is to work closely with industry to solve their automation and control problems using heterogeneous sensors data fusion approach. The data could be from physical sensors or/and image/video based. In recent past, the group has successfully done the automation for RO plants which include online monitoring, and control, predicting cleaning time for healthiness of membrane. We have also developed various handy and portable systems, in collaboration with NEERI Nagpur, for water quality parameters monitoring. Developed system have tremendous applications in the area of water quality monitoring such as potable water, aquaculture, and waste water.

This group has also involved in developing technologies for aquaculture. Our group along with ICAR-CIFA, Bhubaneshwar developed embedded smart systems (auto feeder and smart boat) for water bodies to monitor the water quality, feeding the fish and determine the stress factor in fishes. Automatic feeding of fish with optimum feeding frequency, quantity and duration of feed will help in growth of the fish, uniformity in feeding, reduction in feed wastage and manpower cost.

The group is also involved in the rehabilitation monitoring of elderly persons by identifying human body events and the measurements of dynamic and motion parameters using non-invasive sensors, including video data, and by applying pattern analysis algorithms.

Another major activity of the group is to develop medical devices for oral health care. We are developing a 2D/3D endoscope for dental examination and oral cancer examination. We are also working in the early detection of cervical cancer and developing a decision support to help the doctor.

The vision of the Control and Automation Group is to be centre of excellence in the field of control & automation by generating scientific research and technological developments of both national and international levels.

The mission of the group is to provide industry with the state-of-the-art solutions to help it achieve their goals and contribute to nation’s progress and serve the society.