Internet of Things

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a promising approach encompassing the technology and algorithms for sensing the state of a building, diagnosing the current condition, performing a prognosis of expected future performance and providing information for decision for its maintenance, safety, and emergency actions.

In India, the concept of health monitoring of structures and buildings is gaining ground and its importance for public safety is being increasingly realized. Till now some bridges, dams and nuclear power structures were instrumented by means of wired network using commercially available sensors. Due to advancement of technology and ease in operation, there is a need to shift for wireless energy efficient sensors instead of wired network. SHM of buildings using wireless sensors in India are in infancy stage.

The application of technology for health monitoring of tall buildings, important old buildings, and heritage buildings/ structures etc., has not been attempted so far, which pose the challenges as regard to limitations in signal transmission due to interference, which needs to be addressed. Further, there is need to ascertain minimum threshold damage on structural members which can be detected by the system. The present research proposal aimed to develop an approach for structural health monitoring of buildings using wireless sensor network which includes sensor selection, sensor placement & optimization on a selected buildings. The monitoring of selected building is to be carried out for a period of two years to detect changes in dynamic behaviour, if any. Thereby establishing changes in dynamic properties of buildings theoretically for common type of damages in RC framed building using FE technique will be carried out. Also an attempt will be made to establish the sensitivity of wireless sensor network system under ambient and forced condition. The approach will be highly useful in timely warning /information system in disaster situation for rapid condition screening and provide reliable information regarding the integrity of the building. This will be a state-of-the-art contribution to the building industry.