Cyber Physical Systems

Cognitive Computing

Developed Technologies

  • Design and Development of FPGA-based Smart Camera System for Real-time Motion Detection and Object Tracking

    The implemented Indigenous FPGA-based Automated Video Surveillance System / Smart Camera System has a lot of applications for Surveillance and Security. Delhi Police has issued a Letter indicating their interest in using this technology after due modifications and extensive field trails. There has been many interaction with ECIL (Electronics Corporation of India Limited) and IB (Intelligence Bureau) regarding the use of this system. The developed smart camera system also has applications in strategic sector for Micro-Air-Vehicles (MAVs). In this regard CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore has also given a letter for transfer of technology to DeitY/MCIT and Nominee has visited CSIR-NAL for integration of the developed technology with MAVs.

  • Real-time Haptic Rendering of Facial Emotion Expressions to the Blind

    Assistive aid Technology for Haptic Rendering of Emotions to the Blinds is very useful for visually impaired people. It enables them to get the real-time feeling of facial emotion expressions of the person talking to them. National Institute for the Visually Handicapped (NIVH), Dehradun, given us a letter of expression for helping us in the field trial of the system. Technology developed for Real-time Facial Expression Analysis will also be very useful in developing other systems such as System of Pain Analysis of Patients in Hospitals, etc.

Awards / Recognitions

  • Dr. Sanjay Singh and Dr. Dhiraj have been Selected for Participation in Sakura Science Program – 2017 at Hiroshima University Japan

    This program is fully funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JSTA), Govt. of Japan. Under this program (from June 11, 2017 to July 01, 2017) they have visited three universities in Japan: Hiroshima University, Chiba University, Nagoya University.

  • Skoch Transformational Innovation Award – 2016 and Skoch Order-of-Merit Award – 2016

    The Smart Camera System developed by the CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CEERI) Pilani has bagged two national awards for innovation: Skoch Transformational Innovation Award (Silver) – 2016 (For Amongst Best Transformational Innovations in India) and Skoch Order-of-Merit Award – 2016 (For Qualifying Amongst Top 100 Projects in India).

    Conferred by a Gurgaon-based think tank dealing with socio-economic issues, Skoch awards are aimed at bringing scientific innovations and technologies that have been tested in laboratories and are ready for the market. Skoch Transformational Innovation Award – 2016 has been presented by Dr. Ajay Kumar, Additional secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India and Skoch Order-of-Merit Award – 2016 has been presented by Dr. M Ramachandran, Former Secretary, Govt. of India. From CSIR-CEERI, Dr. Sanjay Singh, Dr. Ravi Saini, and Mr. Sumeet Saurav have received the awards.

  • Dr. Sanjay Singh has been Elevated to IEEE Senior Member in Recognition of his Professional Standing, 2016
  • Dr. Sanjay Singh’s Biography has been Published / Included in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, USA, 2016
  • Dr. Sanjay Singh’s Biography has been Published / Included in Who’s Who in the World, USA, 2013