Beam Dynamics


To establish and maintain a centre of excellence in the field of electron beam dynamics related to vacuum microwave devices with the focus of providing design and simulation solutions for state of the art and futuristic vacuum microwave devices under development at CSIR-CEERI as well as other national and international organizations.


  • Provide complete design solutions for device specific electron sources related to vacuum microwave and plasma devices under development at CSIR-CEERI as well as different strategic/industrial sectors.
  • Applying reliable design methodologies and solutions related to efficient beam transport and collection through various microwave devices to minimize development iterations.
  • Incorporation of innovative concept and ideas in the arena of microwave device technology which may ultimately lead to new device concepts.


Generation of high quality electron beam and optimization of the beam optics to match desired beam parameter and characteristics is one of the most crucial steps in design of vacuum microwave devices. This is also a crucial component in studies and design of plasma assisted microwave devices and high current plasma switches. Furthermore, transport of the electron beam through the RF interaction structure with minimum interception by means of a suitable focussing structure and collection strategy of the beam is another important and pivotal design aspect.

The beam dynamics group works in tandem with the beam-wave interaction and device technology group with the ultimate goal to seamlessly develop vacuum microwave devices to cater the needs of various ongoing projects at CSIR-CEERI aligned with different national missions. Beside electromagnetic and electron beam tracking simulations, the multi-physics simulation capability of the group is helpful in minimizing the development iterations – thus minimizing the development time and cost.