MW Tubes play vital role in several fields of strategic importance like atomic energy, particle research, satellite communication, defence, biomedical, and industrial applications. Hence, the necessity of their development and production within the country has been emphasized time and again. The development and production of MW Tubes involve several highly advanced and critical technologies.  With the growing demands on enhancing the performance parameters like efficiency, power, frequency coverage/bandwidth, life and reliability, the corresponding technology becomes extremely complex and challenging. Such technologies are available with only a handful of countries around the globe including India. India is aiming to nurture its capabilities in developing state-of-the-art technologies required for these devices. It is proposed to further advance the existing research, design and technological capabilities of CSIR-CEERI which has been working in this vital area right from its inception and is the only agency in the country which has been associated with R&D of different types of MW Tubes. During the course of time, CSIR-CEERI has developed a very strong design and technological base with modest infrastructure.

CSIR-CEERI will continue to focus on microwave devices. However, new emphasis will be on design, simulation and development of new generation micro-wave devices so that CSIR-CEERI can continue to maintain its leadership role in sourcing new know-hows and technology for microwave devices.