This group is mainly responsible to facilitate and support all the necessary requirements to run all furnaces, measurement, characterization and other facilities. The group is also responsible to maintain all the equipment in order to smooth operation of the facilities. The facilities are being used for various R&D activities in the institute under different sponsored, collaborative and in-house projects. The fabrication facility is more than 25-Year-old. The group have assisted in successfully fabrication of vacuum electron devices such as space helix TWTs, Magnetron, high power Gyrotrons and Klystrons etc.


To provide self-reliance to the institute in the fabrication of all low power, high-power microwave devices and plasma devices.


Aim of the group is to be established a reasonably and world-class fabrication facility of vacuum electron devices area.


  • Heat treatment and brazing (1500° C) in vacuum and hydrogen furnaces
  • TIG welding, laser welding and mechanical measurement facilities
  • UHV processing facilities for different size of vacuum tubes
  • Hydrogen generation plant and chemical processing lab
  • Attenuator coating, sand blasting, helix winding and honing machine
  • Testing facilities including VNA, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, power meter, oscilloscope, pulse modulator, breakdown tester etc.
  • X-ray radiography, Auger spectroscopy, Shielded Anechoic Chamber
  • Electromagnet and its power supply
  • Glass blowing facilities (Glass to metal sealing)