The Solar Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) system generates both electricity and thermal energy in a single system resulting in significant rooftop space savings and can be used for various domestic and industrial applications.

  • A Hybrid PVT system is a combination of Solar PV and Solar thermal system
  • Generates hot water and electricity from a single system
  • High energy density compared to individual solar PV and solar thermal system
  • Potentially aims at utilizing the roof top space more effectively with area savings of 50%


Parameters Single Glaze Double Glaze
Area 8 m2 8 m2
Solar Panel Rating 1 kWe 1 kWe
Maximum Outlet Water Temp. 55°C 65°C
System Output 240-300 LPD 480-600 LPD
Maximum ΔT 30°C 40°C
Peak Thermal Power 0.8-0.9 k W 2.4-2.7 k W
Average Thermal Efficiency 10-13 % 30-35 %
Average Electrical Efficiency ~17 % ~15 %

Single Glaze

Double Glaze