Measurement of viscosity plays an important role in the quality control at various research and development stages in a lab as well as a wide range of industries including food, chemical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, cosmetics, paint, ink, coatings, oil and automotive industries.

A portable passive and electronic version of micro-viscometer is developed (Fig. 1) which has the capability of measuring viscosity from few μL amount of sample volume within few minutes of different fluids such as diesel/bio-diesel, petrol, oil, blood, etc.

Micro-Viscometer Specifications:

  • Chip Size: 3cm × 1.5 cm
  • Sample Volume = Less than 500 μl
  • Viscosity Range = 0.1-10 cP
  • Measurement Time = Less than 5 minutes depending on viscosity
  • Easy to use

Fig. 1: (a) Optical Image of Micro-Viscometer (b) Measured Dynamic Viscosity using developed micro-viscometer of different Diesel/Bio-Diesel composition (B00 to B100) with error bar 5%