CSIR-CEERI has developed a mercury-free plasma UV (MFP-UV) lamp with novel structural design and optimized gas mixtures that produces strong spectral bands peaking at wavelengths 253 nm and 172 nm along with a weak band peaking at wavelength 265 nm, which is highly useful for water sterilization. The features of the MFP-UV lamp are mercury free, filament less, repairable, eco-friendly technology, instantaneous startup and potential for water and air purification.


Operating input Pulse Voltage ~5kV peak, ~25kHz PRR, ≤ 2µs pulse width
Obtained Wavelengths 253 nm, 265 nm and 172 nm ( all broad band)
Operating Temperature ~ Room Temperature
Gases Xenon with very low percentage of Iodine


Potential for water and air purification.