CSIR-CEERI has developed an indigenous microwave power module version of helix TWT under ISRO-SAC sponsored project. Realisation of this device has been a challenging task due to its compact size and dimensions. The TWT has been entirely designed, developed and packaged at CSIR-CEERI. The tube has met all the specifications and the tube along with technology document have been handed over to Dr. Tapan Mishra, Director, ISRO-SAC, Ahmadabad on 7.1.2016. 


  • Frequency:10.9-11.7 GHz
  • Output power:140 W (CW)
  • Gain:25 dB
  • Efficiency:>55%
  • AM/PM factor:4º/dB
  • Third order inter-Harmonic/spurios:-18dBc/-70dBc
  • Noise figure:30dB
  • Phase shift:<48º
  • Weight:1 kg