CSIR-CEERI has developed a wide range of innovative RF MEMS devices for applications in strategic and commercial sectors including medical instrumentation and automation systems. RF MEMS switches are compact, lightweight and have superior electrical properties compared to contemporary solid state and coaxial switches. Capacitive RF MEMS switches (X & Ku band) and ohmic switches (DC to Ku band) are the basic building blocks, characterized and tested for a million cycles plus. Size, power and current handling capabilities are improved by innovative design and selection of appropriate materials like Ni-Au alloy, HfO2 and composites. In addition, single pole double throw (SPDT), single pole four throw (SP4T) switches and switch matrices are also developed. Innovative capacitive and ohmic hybrids, development of phase shifters, MEMS bimorph D R filters and reconfigurable antenna are the current important activities, supported by excellent in-house design, fabrication, characterization and packaging expertize and facilities under one roof.


  • Low insertion loss
  • High isolation
  • Compact in size


  • Space communication
  • 5G and beyond communication
  • Radar for defence
  • Smart Munition Control
  • Medical Sector like MRI etc.