LINAC based x-ray machines are extensively used for industrial, medical and security applications. Radio therapy machines for treatment of cancer in the hospitals and cargo screening machines for inspecting heavy cargos at airports and shipyards require such LINAC machines. Mobile cargo screening machines, mounted on trucks are used for surprise checks at highways near borders for possible smuggling of explosives and narcotics. BARC, Mumbai in association with ECIL, Hyderabad have initiated the development of such cargo screening machines to be employed near borders. The LINAC based X-ray machines need high power microwave sources such as Klystrons and Magnetrons for acceleration of electron beams to energize up to a few MeV, which produce x-rays of required wavelength and intensity. Magnetrons being inherently efficient, compact and small in size provide economical solutions for cargo screening machines.

Under a DeitY sponsored project, CSIR-CEERI has designed and developed a 3.0 MW Magnetron for LINAC machines, which has given 3.140 MW power at 48 kV. One of the significant achievements of the project has been the development of an electromagnet, which is an important accessory for 3 MW S-band magnetron. Prior to the development of this indigenous electromagnet, the magnetrons were tested with an imported electromagnet from M/s English Electric Valves (EEV), UK.

(EEV, UK) and it is cheaper. The electromagnet is an import substitution and saved about Rs. 6 lakh. The 3 MW magnetron has been tested with the indigenously developed electromagnet and the results are found satisfactory.