The technology know-how was transferred to M/s. Krystalvision Image Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra.

Material discrimination technique was developed to discriminate and identify the material based on their atomic number found in the range 6-29.This technique takes two distinct images under dual energy X-ray imaging scheme. In order to obtain chemical composition and morphological distribution of the material, it combines the low energy data with high energy data.It determines the atomic number and density values to differentiate the material types (namely Organic, inorganic and metal) from each other such as salt packet, sugar packet and metal tiffin box etc. in a luggage bag.

Salient technical features:

  • Determination of atomic number & density of scanned material items
  • 16-bit grey scale image data acquisition
  • Dual-energy X-ray image fusion
  • Based on atomic number, the material items are labelled and displayed as 3-color & 6-color images
  • Separate image processing functionalities are provided for density image, organic stripping, inorganic stripping and metal detection
  • Display of density image
  • High density alarm
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Hardware security enabled software
  • Two identical material of similar thickness belonging to different categories can be segregated


  • This technology enables M/s. Krystalvision to upgrade their Baggage scanning machine to next level
  • It has got a wide application in security and surveillance based scanning systems