A high voltage DC pulse power supply of -50kV, 10A for high power application was designed and developed (Fig 1). The system has a variety of features such as independent control of Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF), Pulse Duration (Ton) and Pulse Amplitude. Two sets of -25 kV, 10A pulse power supply were developed and tested with pulse duration, 10-100 μS & PRF, 10 Hz-1000 Hz at rated power level. By connecting the two sets of -25 kV, 10 A pulse supplies in series, -50 kV, 10 A pulse output was achieved. The integration of both modules and testing of -50 kV, 10 A is in the process.


  • Output Pulse Voltage, Vo: -5 kV to -50 kV
  • Peak Output Current, Io_pk: 10 A
  • Pulse Repetitive Frequency, PRF: 10 Hz to 1 kHz
  • Pulse Duration, Tpulse: 10 μs to 100 μs

Fig. 1: 25kV, 10A Pulse Power Supply