A demountable version of X-band plasmaassisted slow-wave oscillator prototype was designed and developed (Fig. 1). It consists of a TMGMA PCE-Gun along with a rippled wall SWS with optimised design and a vacuum-sealed conical horn

Fig. 1: X-band plasma-assisted slow-wave oscillator

Fig. 2: (a) X-band microwave signal: 10-11.7 GHz generated from the TMGMA PCE-Gun based plasma

antenna to effectively generate X-band microwave radiation. An electron beam with 20 keV energy generated from this novel gun structure interacts with the RF wave without external magnetic field assistance and leads to generate X-band microwave signal in the range of 10-11.7 GHz for short pulse (~50 ns) single shot discharge operation (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: (b) A zoomed microwave signal at a frequency of 11.4 GHz