The linear aperture radial multichannel Pseudospark switch (LARM-PSS) was demonstrated for high current switching without any trade-off with a hold-off voltage under pulse operation. The width, length and number of the linear apertures used in the interfacing electrodes of the cathode and anode sub-assemblies were optimised. The linear apertures at the place of round hole apertures have helped in increasing the charge transfer capacity of the switch without affecting the surface and hold-off properties. The demountable switch was operated at optimised hydrogen gas pressure of 10 Pa for hold-off voltage of 19 kV. The developed LARM-PSS has successfully conducted peak current of 20 kA and charge transfer of 1.5 C per shot. The V-I characteristics are shown in Fig. 1. No significant erosion damage was found near the linear apertures of the electrode walls even after 1000 shots with the operating parameters intact and pulse repetition time 30 seconds.

Fig. 1: Voltage and current waveform CH1: Voltage across the switch, CH2: Discharge current