The system consists of four components: PV cell, drive (CSIR-CEERI), motor and pump. The built-in power point tracking functionality enables the pump to run at a maximum power using solar power. It is independent of the grid and produces no pollution or noise.

Solar pumping solutions are becoming increasingly popular among Indian farmers irrigation, forestry, fish farming, and fountains in residential areas. Submersible Pumps can also be used with Solar pump drive developed at CSIR-CEERI. Various reasons impacting productivity, such as load shedding, electricity supply cuts and increased energy prices, as well as burnt motors caused by voltage fluctuations, can be avoided with the solution.

The solar pump inverter is an AC drive of 5 HP, designed (Fig. 1) to operate with energy drawn from photovoltaic cells (PVs). A DSP-based control tracks and extracts maximum power from m the solar panel so that motor runs with the intensity of sunlight throughout the day.


  • Smooth sine wave without voltage peaks
  • Low cost and easy maintenance
  • No limitation on cable length
  • Sinusoidal output voltage and current
  • Temperature independent maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Used as single-phase house supply (when pump is not in use)
  • Galvanic Isolation feature provides natural accidental protection
  • Dynamic V-I MPPT control method
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) to provide maximum torque with minimum sunlight
  • Inverter efficiency is more than 90-93%, with high reliability
  • System protection: Over-voltage, short circuit, overheating and over current protection
  • For pumping application in drip irrigation system, fountain system, etc.
  • Intelligent power module (IPM) for the main circuit with high reliability


Input PV Voltage nominal 280 V
Max MPPT efficiency 99%
Maximum Power 55 HP
Output Rated Output Voltage 380 V
Output Frequency Range 20-50 Hz
Rated Output Line Current 15 A
Total Harmonic Distortion ~5%
Output waveform Sine-wave
System Efficiency range 90-93 %
Cooling Method Forced air
Depth 100 mtr
Topology Double stage
Galvanic Isolation Yes

Fig. 1: Solar inverter being field-tested for a deep well pumping system