A 42 GHz Gyrotron with indigenous design, development and characterisation technology as well as infrastructure development was the main objective of the project. The design and fabrication of technologies for every component and for the entire gyrotron have been developed. The gyrotron was first of its kind to be developed in the country. It was transported from CSIR-CEERI and safely delivered at IPR, Gandhinagar. The final RF testing of the gyrotron would be done at IPR.

The gyrotron with cooling duct was developed and mounted in a superconducting magnet system at IPR. Cooling ducts around cavity and collector have been successfully mounted on the Gyrotron and it was successfully vacuum processed. Gyrotron has shown results such as electron beam emission, high voltage breakdown performance, and vacuum capability for more than 1000 hours with an appendage pump in ‘OFF’ situation. The cooling duct was further improved with no trace of magnetism on the duct.

Fig. 1: Gyrotron placed in a specialised box for transportation

Fig. 2: Gyrotron in superconducting magnet system at IPR

The gyrotron was successfully transported with the help of specialised packaging to IPR. No difference in vacuum condition was observed after transportation. The delivery of gyrotron prototype was subjected to pre-dispatch tests by IPR at CSIR-CEERI. The Fig. 1 shows the gyrotron packed in a specialised box. The Fig. 2 shows the gyroton mounted in the superconducting magnet system at IPR.