• To carry out R&D in Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and Sensors, Photonics Components and Subsystems, Application Specific Microwave Tubes, Electronic Systems for Societal Purposes, Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, VLSI Design.
  • To assist industry in technology absorption, upgradation and diversification
  • To provide R&D services to industry and users in design, fabrication and testing
  • To provide technical services for specific needs towards product development
  • To provide consultancy services for design, upgradation and absorption of technology; contract research on specific problems and requirements of electronic industry
  • To provide training for various academic institutes/colleges and industries aimed at HRD.


  • Advise on the formulation of R&D programmes and future directions of activities of the laboratory keeping in view the Five Year Plans, national priorities and opportunity areas.
  • Suggest networking with other CSIR National Laboratories on programmes of mutual interest.
  • Review R&D activities and research programmes and advise on future directions.
  • Advise on fostering linkages between the Laboratory, industry and potential clients.
  • Constitute Selection Committees and Assessment Committees/Peer Groups for selection, merit and assessment promotions of Scientific staff.
  • Any other function as may be assigned by Director General/Governing Body.


  • Administer and manage the affairs and environs of the laboratory
  • Write off irrecoverable monetary losses and Stores within the limits prescribed by CSIR
  • Recommend the resource allocation for R&D activities/facilities of Lab./Instt.
  • Monitor the progress of R&D and other activities of the Lab./Instt.
  • Recommend devolution of powers to the Project Leaders for the proper implementation of the projects/activities.
  • Approve contract R&D, consultancy projects and licensing of IPR beyond the powers of Director.
  • Consider the annual report of the National Laboratory.
  • Constitute selection committees and assessment committees for all Technical staff.
  • Any other matter, as may be referred by the Director-General.


Preparation of plans (Five year and Annual) for the lab and other functions as per its mandate. To be a link through Director and Nodal Officers between the lab and CSIR Head Quarters.

RPBD Division acts as the nodal unit for gathering project management related information from all the participating national laboratories regarding the progress of different CSIR network projects. They also assist in planning of new project proposals, collecting information from scientists and laboratories, compilation of programmes and deliverables etc. and send them to CSIR Head Quarters for further processing. The division works in close coordination with Finance and Accounts Section.

Major Activities

  • Preparation of Five Year and Annual Plan
  • Management of Network R&D Programmes
  • Carrying out appraisal of R&D plans
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports of the laboratory for the Headquarters
  • Coordination of International Scientific Collaborations
  • Training for Academic Institutes/Colleges
  • Management of Sponsored/Grant-in-aide/Collaborative Projects.