Mr. Ranjan Kumar Maurya


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Mr. Ranjan Kumar Maurya received his B.Tech degree in 2011 in Electronics Engineering from Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology (IERT), Allahabad, India and M.Tech degree in 2013 in Advanced Semiconductor Electronics from Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), Chennai. He is also recipient of “Quick Hire Scientist (T)” fellowship by CSIR, India. He joined CSIR-CEERI, Pilani as a Scientist in Nano BioSensors Group in 2016. He is also pursuing his PhD degree from AcSIR in the area of Micro/Nanofluidic based BioSensors. His current focus areas of research include solid/liquid interaction, behavior of ions in nanochannels, relation between viscosities of different liquids to its dielectric properties.

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