Dr. Ram Prakash Lamba

Senior Scientist

Work Email: rplamba@ceeri.res.in
Personal Email: rplamba19@gmail.com
EPBX Office: 2431
EPBX Residential:
BSNL Office: 252431
BSNL Residential:
BSNL Private:

Received B. Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering) and M. Tech. (High Power Microwave Devices & System Engineering) degree in the year 2010 and 2013 with distinction from G.J.U.S.&T, Hisar and AcSIR, CEERI, Pilani, respectively. Working as a Scientist since Feb, 2016 and along with scientific assignment currently pursuing Ph.D. in Engineering from AcSIR on “Design, development and characterization studies of radial channel pseudospark switch for high current applications”. Developed an understanding of the design, fabrication, processing and testing aspects related to Pseudospark discharge based plasma devices. Developing a linear aperture radial multi-channel Pseudospark switch for very high current applications. Have interest in design, development and simulations of plasma devices and pulse power generation.

Specific skill: Vacuum techniques and processing, designing experimental test set-up for Pseudospark discharge based devices, plasma device designing, simulation and analytical tools (PIC Oopic Pro, VSim 6.2, AUTODESK Inventor, Origin, Microsoft Visio, MATLAB Simulink).

Areas of Interest: Low Pressure Glow Discharges, Pseudospark Discharge Based Devices, Pulse Power Technology and Plasma Device Technology.

Projects involved in:

  • Development of High-Power and portable Terahertz device technology.
  • Design and development of High-current (20KV/200kA) pseudo spark switch.
  • Design and development of Micro-hollow cathode di-electric barrier discharge array (MHCDBD) and its characterization.