Mr. Jeganathan M.

Technician (2)

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Mobile: 8239533889
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I am working as a glass blower in CEERI since 2012, April. Before joining CEERI, I have worked in two private sector companies. So I have working experience of more than 15 years in this field. I have handled many challenging jobs in scientific research and industrial area related to handling Pyrex, Quartz, and number of specialized glass to metal seals. I also have experience of Hand blowing, Machine blowing, moldings, and cutting etc.

Specific skill: All scientific Glass wares, lab wares, Quartz wares, Glass to Metal sealing, vacuum test processes, water distillation wares both (single and double) and given any specialized glass apparatus etc.

Area of Expertise: Glass Blowing techniques

Project involved in: CSF- ILP0004, All Microwave tubes area (Magnetron, TWT, Plasma, Cathode Klystron and Gyrotron), SNTG area and support for all other group’s project in our institute.