Mr. Anand Abhishek


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Anand has received B.Tech (Electronics and communication) and M.Tech (advanced electronics system) degree in the year 2011 and 2014 from GGSIPU, New Delhi and AcSIR, CEERI, Pilani respectively. He has joined CSIR-CEERI as Trainee Scientist in Sep. 2012 and working as scientist since Feb. 2016. He has worked on PhotoVoltaic (PV) optimizers, PV pump inverter, power conditioning unit for fuel cell and pulse power supply. He is pursuing Ph.D. on Renewable energy based microgrid from AcSIR and keen area of research is wide bandgap semiconductor devices and high frequency converters for renewable resources.

Specific Skill: High frequency converters design,Control design in microcontroller,Embedded system and GUI design.

Area of Interest: Power Electronics, Renewable energy systems and Embedded system development.

Project Involved in:

  • Develop new topology for paralleling the 250 watts PV generators to increase the power level up to 1 KW (TAPSUN).
  • Develop a 5HP 3-phase PV powered variable frequency drive suitable for deep well pump (TAPSUN).
  • Design and development of DC and pulsed power systems for high power microwave tubes (MTDDC).
  • Development of electronic read-out circuitry for viscosity measurement of oil using in-house viscometer (GAP-3229).
  • Power Supply design for PLASMA UV-LAMP used for air purifier.

R&D Specialisations

  • Power Electronics and its Embedded Control
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • High Voltage Pulse Power Supply


  • IEEE Member