Mr. Alok Mishra

Technical Officer

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Mobile: 9462572304
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BSNL Office: 252447
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Mr. Alok Mishra did his B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 2006 from UPTU, Lucknow and received his M. Tech. degree in Electronics Engineering from IIT-BHU, Varanasi. He has been engaged notably with the design and development activities of gyrotron tube. His major involvements in the areas; the fabrication process of feebly tapered gyrotron interaction structure, measurement of feebly tapered gyrotron interaction structure, High voltage testing of GCTM (Gun collector test module), brazing of big size collector flange assembly, brazing of NLT flange assembly, cathode activation, packaging of gyrotron tube etc. under the DST Sponsored project on 42 GHz, 200kW gyrotron. His area of research includes the studies of Ionizing & Non-ionizing radiation from high power microwave devices in particular on X-Ray emission, corona discharge, design of Electron Optical Systems for high power THz/Sub–THz devices and computational electromagnetic to comprehend the physics of microwave tubes.

Specific skill: High Voltage Testing, Leak detection of Assemblies, Dimensional and Surface roughness Measurement, Brazing of Assemblies, CAD design of parts and assemblies, Knowledge of EGUN, CST Studio & MATLAB .

Areas of Expertise: High Voltage Testing, Leak detection of assemblies, Dimensional & Surface roughness measurements, cathode activation and brazing of assemblies.

Projects involved in:

  •   Development of High Power Thyratrons for Fast Switching Applications
  • Development of Cold Plasma Technologies
  • Development of medium pressure Mercury UV Lamps
  • Mercury free Far UV-C (222nm) Excimer Radiation Source for Inactivation of Pathogens
  • Development of 28GHz, 15kw Gyrotron and power supply for industrial heating system
  • Design and Development of 42GHz, 200kW Long Pulse Gyrotron
  • Design and Development of 1MW, 170GHz short pulse Gyrotron

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