Mr. Ajeet Kumar Dhakar

Principal Scientist

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Mobile: 9309065755
EPBX Office: 2519
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BSNL Office: 242162
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Received Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) in Electrical Engineering in 1999 from Engineering College Kota (Raj), and Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Power Electronics in 2002 from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU). Currently, pursuing PhD and employed as Sr. Scientist in CSIR-CEERI.

Specific Skill: Modeling and simulation of Power supply on Saber, Matlab,Embedded system development on TI C2000 microcontroller.

Area of Interest: High efficiency converters for solar applications, High Voltage Short Pulse Power Modulator.

Area of Research Interest:

  • Power Converter for Electrical Drive (BLDC, Induction motor),
  • Renewable energy and HV pulse power supply for plasma

Project Involved in:

  • Design, simulation and testing of 5KW three phase inverter for pump application.
  • Design Simulation and Testing of 250W Inverter with MPPT Algorithm.
  • DC and pulsed power supply system for high power MW tubes.
  • Power Supply Design for PLASMA UV-LAMP used for water purifier.
  • Power Supply design for PLASMA UV-LAMP used for air purifier.
  • Design and development of J-band transmitter power supply.
  • Design of High frequency pulse power supply for RF MEMS Capacitive switches.
  • Optimization and Standardization of the Human Powered Electrical Generator.
  • 10kv cathode Pulse power supply for Micro-wave tube.

R&D Specialisations

Power Electronics & Drive Control
Power Converters Design for Solar Applications
High Voltage Pulse Power Supply for Microwave devices
SiC/GaN device Power Converter


  • IEEE Member