Dr. Aditi

Senior Scientist

Work Email: aditi@ceeri.res.in
Personal Email: aditi.ceeri@gmail.com
EPBX Office: 2443
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Development of cost effective and indigenous smart sensors has been the key focus of Aditi’s research till date. Aditi received the Ph.D. degree under the faculty of Engineering Sciences on “Design and Fabrication of MEMS Magnetometer” from Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) in 2019. She is currently working as Senior Scientist in the Microsystem packaging group at CSIR-CEERI.

She started her research career on MEMS and micro-sensors, where she worked on the design and development of Inertial sensors, Ultrasonic transducers, Microcantilevers, Micromirrors etc. Fabrication techniques involved wafer bonding, UV-LIGA, dry and wet micromachining. Her main research interest and expertise is in the area of Microsensors development. She has authored about 20 refereed publications in International and National Journals/Conferences.

Google Scholar Profile: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=413pAaEAAAAJ&hl=en