Manufacturer: M/s NanoInk, USA
MFD: 2007-01-01
Model: N/A
Specs: NSCRIPTOR System (M/s Nanoink, USA) has been procured and commissioned at CEERI, Pilani, under sponsored project in nanotechnology, from Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India. System is capable of direct writing and aligning nano-dimensional patterns of different molecular inks on compatible substrates. The written patterns can be imaged and viewed in the same system through AFM imaging. Writing of nano-lines of MHA ink on gold substrate with line-width ~ 30 nm has been demonstrated. System also has capability of nano-oxidation of different materials for generating insulating barriers at nano-scale. Currently, equipment in being used to develop enabling technologies for nano-structures and futuristic nano-electronic devices.
-Writing of nano-features of 16-MHA on gold substrate for various biosensors applications
-Patterning of sub-um size features of gold for nano-electronics and photonics applications

Charges: For Industry - 10,000/- INR Per Sample
For Student - 5,000/- INR Per Sample
*These are standard charges. Actual charges may vary as per job requirement.
Contacts: N/A

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