Manufacturer: TOUSIMIS Research Corporation, USA
MFD: 2012-06-01
Model: N/A
Specs: CPD is used for the wet release of SDA/MEMS suspended devices. A dedicated initial Slow Fill into the process chamber allows ideal fluid dynamics preserving the most sensitive micro devices.
Maintenance made easy via accessible components including the external Post-Purge-Filter assembly.
Patent Pending "Vortex Swirl": Non-mechanical stirring chamber allowing for fluid dynamic exchange without the need for particle generating friction causing devices.
Extremely Efficient integrated Closed Cooling Loop dropping chamber temperature quickly for shorter process run times.
The internal SOTER(tm) condenser quietly captures and separates CO2 exhaust and waste alcohols.
Our original Chamber Inserts enable chamber I.D. variance of chamber I.D. maximizing efficiency in LCO2 consumption, process time, and providing multiple size wafer process capability!
Charges: For Industry - 5,000/- INR Per Sample
For Student - 2,500/- INR Per Sample
*These are standard charges. Actual charges may vary as per job requirement.
Contacts: N/A

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