Manufacturer: Optec S A, Belgium
MFD: 2015-01-01
Model: N/A
Specs: Removal of sapphire substrate from GaN/InGaN grown epiwafers Operating Wavelength 248nm standard, 193nm option Energy density on target 0.5-5J/cm², manual setting of energy density, with graduated rotation control on BDU side. Additional internal condensor lenses(inverse BET) allow setting up for user definition of e.d. range, with trade-off for process area. Rep.rate 0-300Hz, controlled by ProcessPower s/w(500Hz option available) Feature size Up to 250µm, determined by mask, OR write in X,Y using selected motifs Standard mask changer linear motorized 32-position motif selector, standard mask includes a range of circles, squares and stripes. User-determined mask plates can also be fitted Intelligent aperture (option) A motorized rectangular aperture(MRA) is used in conjunction with the linear mask selector to create an infinite number of combination motifs, stored in system memory for later recall. Part Vision TTL image is presented in window on flat screen monitor. Full screen mag. 400X, features include electronic zoom on selected areas, video measuring cursor, o/p to printer etc. Lighting co-axial Shield Gas/Fume Extraction Integrate co-axial nozzle provides He atmosphere with efficient fume extraction to external blower. Part Holder 100mm dia. vacuum stage Theta Axis 360° continuous rotation & micrometer driven manual stage Z-Focus Manual 20mm. Part Motion 100mmx100mm. Motion Resolution 1µm Control System Industrial PC running XP ProcessPower s/w Control Synchronization of laser firing with part motion and mask selection, accepts industry standard file formats, .dxf, Gerber, Exellon, ASCII
Charges: For Industry - 25,000/- INR Per Sample
For Student - 12,500/- INR Per Sample
*These are standard charges. Actual charges may vary as per job requirement.
Contacts: N/A

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