Manufacturer: SUSS Microtec
Model: N/A
Specs: Photolithography upto 6" wafers
High-resolution optical lithography for upto 6" dia wafers for development and small volume production of MEMS and Microsensors. It has 400nm exposure wavelength optics and is capable of 0.6 µm resolutions in vacuum contact. It is equipped with topside alignment with split field color video microscope and front to backside alignment image storage technique for MEMS application with 1 µm front to back side alignment accuracy. It has 1000W UV lamp suitable for thick photoresist used in UV-LIGA processes using SU 8 Photoresist.
Charges: For Industry - 10,000/- INR Per Sample
For Student - 5,000/- INR Per Sample
*These are standard charges. Actual charges may vary as per job requirement.
Contacts: N/A

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