Manufacturer: DISCO Corporation, Japan
MFD: 2006-11-01
Model: N/A
Specs: Dual Spindle dicing machine is used for cutting the Si and Glass wafers of different sizes. The machine also has the capability to cut the bonded silicon-glass wafer and other materials such as thin ( up to 1.0 mm) alumina. The details description are given as follows: 1. Sample/Wafer Size: 1 to 6 Inch. 2. Sample Shape : Circle or Square or any other 3. Cutting Materials: Silicon up to 700 µm, Glass up to 1.0 mm, glass-silicon bonded wafer up to 1.7 mm only 4. Sample thickness: maximum 700 µm for Silicon & 1.0 mm for Glass 5. Chip Size: minimum 3X3 mm2 6. Scribe line: minimum 300 µm for Si & 500 µm for Glass 7. Surface Protection : Surface protection by Positive Photo-resist up to 3.0 µm-thick or depending on user
Charges: For Industry - 3000 /- INR Per Sample
For Student - 1500 /- INR Per Sample
*These are standard charges. Actual charges may vary as per job requirement.

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