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CSIR-CEERI, Pilani with its Centres at Chennai, Jaipur, and Delhi has created a niche for itself in terms of its major contributions in electronics & allied science and engineering covering microwave devices, sensor technologies, VLSI design, Embedded Systems and Renewable Energy Systems with a high societal and strategic impact.
Established in 1974, the CSIR-CEERI Chennai Centre is a pioneering institute in developing indigenous technologies for the automation of Indian process industries. The Centre has ventured into the development of machine vision systems, process automation systems, visible & near infrared technologies, terahertz technologies and renewable energy-related technologies for societal needs. CEERI Centre is presently involved in major activities in the areas of Signal Analytics, Renewable Energy with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Terahertz in Integrated Systems under the broad area of Cyber-Physical Systems of CSIR-CEERI and Interface & Skill Development Programmes in IoT, Machine Learning, etc.

Thrust Areas of Research

  • Renewable Energy with the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Terahertz in Integrated Systems
  • Signal Analytics

Technologies Developed & Transferred for the Following Industries

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Clean & Renewable Energy

Details of all the Technologies developed are available in CSIR-CEERI website:

About the Workshop

CSIR-CEERI is organizing a workshop on technologies developed at CSIR CEERI. The objective of this workshop is to discuss and demonstrate the CSIR-CEERI developed technologies in the following areas:

Clean & Renewable Energy

  • Solar PVT Co-generation System: Developed for catering to thermal and electrical demands simultaneously. Technology is non-exclusively licensed to one company. Non-exclusive license is available to other industries. (Click Here)
  • IoT enabled Solar Tree: Decentralized high energy density power generation unit with integrated IoT features. The technology is non-exclusively transferred to one company. Non-exclusive license is available to other industries. As an extension of this, we would like to also showcase Solar Tree powered EV charging stations. (Click Here)

* Targeted industries: Industries in solar energy and various MSMEs

Health Care Systems

  • AI based Health Care Systems such as Driver drowsiness and fatigue detection system (These are in the initial level of development but we would like to have industry interaction to customize the solutions). (Click Here)
    *Targeted industries: Industries in automotive sector and various MSMEs.

Sensors Applications

  • Sensors for Point-of-Care applications: CSIR-CEERI is working on various sensor platform to detect infectious diseases, cancers, pre-diabetes, etc. either at point-of-care or for early diagnosis. Sensor systems are being developed in collaboration with other CSIR institutes. (Click Here)
  • Gas Sensors systems for Environment monitoring: CSIR-CEERI has developed low-cost, portable and real-time gas monitoring systems, capable of detecting various gases, for indoor and outdoor air quality assessment. These systems find applications in personal use, office spaces, hospitals, industries, mines, etc. The technology is available for commercialization. (Click Here)

Milk Adulteration Detection

  • Integrated Milk Analysis System for real-time wireless monitoring of milk supply chain. The technology has been tested at lab and ready for field trials. (Click Here)
  • Handheld Meter for detection of adulteration in milk (KSHEER-TESTER) The technology of detection of adulteration in milk has been transferred to a startup company. (Click Here)
  • Acoustic Milk Analyser: The technology has been tested at lab and ready for field trials. (Click Here)
  • Infrared Milk Fat Analyser: The technology has been tested at lab and ready for field trials. (Click Here)
  • Rapid Milk Analyser: The technology of has been tested at lab and ready for field trials. (Click Here)
    *Targeted industries: Dairy industries and various MSMEs.


The proposed workshop by CSIR-CEERI is to bring together and interact all the industry stake holders interested in the above technologies. Also, the participants will get hands on experience on the products demonstrated during the workshop. During the meet, the critical inputs given by the participating industries will help CSIR-CEERI to fine-tune/customize these technologies for successful technology transfer/ commercialization.


Registration FormDate of Workshop: 8th July 2019
Venue: CSIR-CEERI Chennai Centre, CSIR Campus, Chennai-600113
Workshop Registration Fee: Rs.1500/-

Note: The filled in registration form (Click Here) along with the payment details may be sent to

Convener: Dr. Bala Pesala, Principal Scientist, CSIR-CEERI
Co-Convener: Dr. S. Md. Iqbal, Chief Scientist, CSIR-CEERI
Contact Details:

  • Dr. J. L. Raheja, Head PMEBD, CSIR-CEERI, Pilani | Ph. No: 01596242242
  • Scientist-in-Charge, CSIR-CEERI, Chennai Centre | Email:
    | Ph. No. 044 – 2254 – 2281/4580/4582/4584/4589

Contact for Milk related technologies:
Dr. P. C Panchariya, Scientist-in-Charge, CEERI Jaipur Centre |
| Ph. No: 0141-2751555

Contact for Sensors Applications:
Dr Ajay Agarwal |
| Ph. No: +91 8058598903